These Are the Best 5 Star Rated Hemp Products on Amazon

Relax, man. No need to stress. If someone telling you to relax stresses you out, you need some of this

Unsplash / Demi Pradolin

Now that we have begun to recover from the fear-mongering of the “Reefer Madness” era, hemp is being recognized as the wonder plant of our times. Hemp is legal everywhere because it doesn’t contain much THC. It is a great fiber for fabrics and the CBD in hemp has been proven to calm much of what ails us.

You can rub it on inflamed joints, eat it to calm yourself enough to sleep, and add it to stimulants to avoid the jitters. It’s good stuff.

Here are some great hemp products you can acquire easily through Amazon.

Kona Gold Cherry Vanilla Hemp Energy Drink

Kona Gold Cherry Vanilla Hemp Energy Drink 12.0 Fluid Ounces, 12 Pack


Sometimes you need a quick pick-me-up. And when coffee isn’t your jam, you turn to energy drinks. But that dreaded post-energy drink crash and the jitters? That’s just too much for some people. The addition of hemp to this mix helps you avoid that. Hemp is calming. Plus, you get to stand there holding a drink with an image of cannabis on it so you know we are no longer in the 80s. And that’s always reassuring.

Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Salve for Active Hands & Body Hemp Oil Herb Infused Healing Balm Handcrafted by Rock Climbers

Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Salve for Active Hands & Body Hemp Oil Herb Infused Healing Balm Handcrafted by Rock Climbers 


Rock climbing is hard on the hands. You need callouses on your hands to scramble up a rock wall. But your don’t need hard, cracked callouses for anything. This balm moisturizes hands — and calms pain in those paws — without making them soft and slippery.

Does that sound like the life you lead? Do you work with your hands in the garden or in the field? These rock climbers get what your hands need to keep that from hurting. There is all sorts of great stuff in here, including hemp.

Also? This is minty! Nice.

VitaLand Hemp Oil 15000 MG Omega Complex - 100% Natural Anxiety & Stress Relief

VitaLand Hemp Oil 15000 MG Omega Complex


Anxiety can make you feel like everything is an emergency. You snap at people, can’t understand why they are laughing when “EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE!” It makes your nervous system run at a pace that wears you down. This is bad for your heart, brain, focus, and so many other things.

Hemp is renowned for it’s calming qualities. It is also good for pain and inflammation. And it’s natural and healthy, unlike many other solutions for anxiety. Try something natural to help you get your calm back.

Just put a few drops in a beverage and go about your calmer life.

HEMPACTIV Hemp Pain Relief Cream 2000mg

HEMPACTIV Hemp Pain Relief Cream 2000mg


Your overdid it in the garden or surfing — or just sitting at your desk — and now you are suffering. Your back hurts. Your hands hurt. Your neck hurts. It’s hard to not whine to everyone who asks who you are even though you really don’t want to be that person. But it hurts!

Keep some of this on hand. With menthol for instant relief and arnica and hemp to help you heal, it will make you feel better, even if your pain is more chronic than a weekend spent overdoing it.

Hemp Gummies

Hemp Gummies - 20mg per Gummy, 600mg per Bottle


What could be better than gummy bears? Gummies that relieve your anxiety and help you sleep! That’s these.

They are cute. They taste like Sourpatch kids. And they have a high enough dosage of hemp that you will calm right the F*%@k down. Take a couple and sleep through the night.

That’s better than candy, right?