Hack Your Way to Better Hydration by Drinking Less Water

You can do better than make your goal of 8 glasses. Hack your hydration with this

Unsplash / Melissa Walker Horn

You know you should drink more water. You’ve put it on your to-do list. You bought water bottles designed to help you remember. You try and try and try. But by the time you remember, you are parched. And that’s too late. Now you are dehydrated.

But water is boring and you just don’t feel any better for drinking it. Gatorade? Yes. Does coffee count? Sodas? Gin and Tonic? No! No! No!

Enter this easy-to-use packet of perfect hydration:


Hydrant provides optimal hydration -- and flavor -- easily.


Just open a packet and drop it into any glass of water. It’s delicious. The colder the water, the tastier it is. And it hydrates you better than anything else.

Hydration involves more than just water


In order to absorb water when you are dehydrated, your body needs an optimal mix of water, sodium, potassium, and zinc. A little sugar jump starts the process. But sports drinks go too heavy on the sugar in order to get people to drink them as a soda replacement. Hydrant is not a sugary soda optimized to taste sweet. It is a hydration solution designed to taste delicious.

Hydrant is designed to be a perfectly balanced solution for dehydration.

Drink on every morning to keep yourself optimally hydrated. Stop worrying about pounding all that water, this is a better, tastier way. It comes in grapefruit or lime. Each packet is about a dollar. And you can keep them in a desk drawer, purse, or kitchen.