This Might Be the Smartest Snoring Solution Available

If your relationship with a snorer is suffering, you would be smart to try it

Unsplash / Julie Johnson

Snoring seems like a small thing. But it can be devastating to a relationship. It starts out as endearing. You gently ask him to roll over so it stops. You aren’t an awful person. You don’t blame him for snoring. You know he can’t help it. But you need sleep.

Eventually, you start weighing whether sleeping together is worth the exhaustion, the zombie you have become during the day. First this starts as a friendly bit of problem solving. “I wonder if I need my own room?” And this, of course, is met with resistance.

It occurs to you that he’s sleeping just fine. It’s only you that is moving permanently into a state of brain fog. You know he’s sleeping. You can hear him sleep. The neighbors can probably hear him. The dog has moved permanently to the porch at night because of the noise. Even the cat has found a quiet corner.

Then, one day — when you are exhausted from weeks without a full night’s sleep — he wonders why you never want to cook or play soccer or put together a Dungeons and Dragons game anymore. You snap. You let him have it. It is his fault you’re so tired you can’t live! He feels persecuted. (He can’t help it!) You don’t even care.

Okay, stop! Before this goes any further, you need to try the Smart Nora Snoring solution! Seriously, many people have found that — unlike some of the other weird things people have suggested to you — the Smart Nora Snoring Solution does actually work!

Solving the problem is smarter than living like this, right? It’s certainly better than where you two are headed.