Hack Your Way to Hydration

Let's be real, getting 64 ounces a day can be hard.

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Everyone knows that the best way to stay hydrated is to, you know, simply drink water. The general rule of thumb is that on average you should be drinking 64-ounces of water or eight 8-ounce glasses per day (although the exact number is dependent upon your weight). But knowing that you should drink that much water and actually doing it are two different things. Not everyone likes drinking water because it’s normally tasteless and plain—and alternatives like sports drinks, juices and sodas are loaded with sugar. But there’s a way to get your legit water intake and make it tastier, too.

Say hello to Hydrant

Hydrant is a water additive that boosts the vitamin levels of the water you drink. You might be unaware, but plain tap or filtered water usually also contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc. All of these are essential vitamins that your body needs to function properly. But depending on the water supply near you, those vitamin levels can vary—and that means you might not be meeting your nutritional needs. If the levels in your water are too low, your body can still be dehydrated or starved for essential nutrients, even if you’re drinking the daily recommended amount of H2O.

How does Hydrant work?

Hydrant optimizes your vitamin consumption by boosting the nutrient levels in your water. Each packet of Hydrant contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc to help safely increase the nutrient levels you’re consuming in each glass (or bottle) of water you drink. To boost your hydration, simply add Hydrant to your water and shake well to thoroughly mix.

The Hydrant difference

You might be asking, how is this product any better than all the other “good for you” water alternatives like sports drinks and electrolyte enhanced sugary water substitutes out there? Hydrant contains 80% less sugar and four times the electrolyte levels than those options. In fact, Hydrant is a vegan-friendly drink that only contains 20 calories per packet and is available in two tasty, naturally fruit flavored options—grapefruit and lime. And the small amount of sugar that it does contain is meant to help your body naturally absorb the electrolytes you’re drinking.



Good to know:

  1. Each packet of Hydrant is perfect for eight to 16-ounce glasses or bottles of water. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, mix the packet with eight ounces. For a lighter touch, mix it with up to 16-ounces of water.
  2. Hydrant is perfect for an after-drinking solution. If you had one too many drinks, a glass or two of Hydrant boosted water is the perfect way to put your body back in balance and avoid the dehydration that can lead to a nasty hangover.
  3. Take Hydrant with you to the gym. Whether you sip it before, during or after your workout, it’s the perfect way to keep your body fueled.
  4. Even if it’s embarrassing to talk about, Hydrant is a great after treatment for bouts of vomiting or diarrhea. Both of these conditions can leave you instantly dehydrated, but Hydrant can get your body back in balance.

Ready to boost your hydration? Head over to Hydrant now!

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