4 Kitchen Upgrades You Need to Make Now

Take your kitchen from not to hot with these awesome products. 


Tired of your humdrum kitchen? Need to pep up the area in which you do all your food prep? We’ve got your back. If you’re mulling over giving your kitchen a significant upgrade, whether you’re looking for a new set of appliances or simple more attractive tools, there’s a product on this list for you.

So toss out those grimy old salt and pepper shakers, ditch that free toaster you won from work, and start looking into new and modern appliances and goodies to give your kitchen a makeover. You spend quite a bit of time in there, after all, so why wouldn’t you want the best? Take a look at this list for some of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen.

1. Mini Smart Garden

If you’re someone who uses a lot of fresh herbs in your culinary creations, you might be interested in growing your own. This handy little home gardening system uses technology inspired by NASA to help a tiny garden grow right in the confines of your kitchen. All you need to do is set it somewhere in your kitchen you can keep an eye on it, provide water, and watch it grow.

This tiny garden features smart soil that ensures your plants get all the nutrients they need, so it’s just about as low-maintenance as it gets. You get three basil plant capsules to get you started, too. Don’t waste any more money on buying herbs and grow fresh ones on your own!

2. Royal Elité 3 Piece Starter Set

A kitchen is nothing without a formidable set of steak knives, and these are some of the best handmade models you can get, direct from Germany. Including Chef, Utility, and Paring knives, this collection includes just about everything you need to carve up some serious steaks, cut through vegetables like they’re nothing, and slice and dice your way to a better kitchen. Are they sharp? You bet they are, with a Rockwell sharpness rating of 57-58. Up your knife game considerably with this useful set, and your kitchen will never be the same again.

3. Cast Iron Skillet

Any cook worth their salt knows the value of a good cast iron skillet. This simple piece of cast iron cookware comes pre-seasoned so you can cook with it right out of the box, and it’s extremely simple to use. Its triple-sanded smooth interior cooking surface and ergonomic handle make it easy to cook with, and you’ll be able to make some out of this world dinners with this simple piece of equipment. If anything ever happens to it, it’s even covered by a limited lifetime warranty. It’s a massive upgrade to your kitchen, especially if you’ve been using simple cookware from retail stores, at the very least.

4. Enamel Deep Plate Set

Still eating on paper plates and plastic dishes? Give your plateware a serious boost with this enamel plate set, which include two plates with a steel core and enamel finish, hand-finished copper trim detailing, and a vintage design that looks great no matter what your kitchen is decorated like. They’re perfect for just about any meal you want to cook and serve, and they’re durable and attractive to boot. Plus, when you’re done eating from them, you can toss them into the dishwasher for some seriously quick cleaning.