10 Products Only for People Who Begged Their Parents to Let Them Go to Space Camp

Now that you are a grown up, you can make every day just like the Space Camp you imagined!

Unsplash / Greg Rakozy

Space camp?! Do you remember the first time you heard of it? Your brain went crazy imagining a place where you floated through each day in Zero G, you suited up to leave the ship, slept in a bunk that could be ejected in an emergency, and called your fellow campers, “Captain” and “Ensign.” While everyone else — in all the other lame summer camps — were doing macrame, you were developing new botany methods for non-Earth atmospheres.

If you got to go, you might have been startled to learn you were going to Alabama and not Alpha Centauri but that accomplishment still put you in the elite few who’s relentless begging accomplished the ultimate goal.

You are a grown up now. You don’t have to beg anyone for anything. You can just do it. Space Camp? Maybe that’s for kids. But you can live the dream every day.

Space Floor Sticker

Space Floor StickerSteep Discount Mart

Now that you know this exists, how can you not? Put it on your own floor and live every day knowing that one wrong step will have you hurtling through space. Or put it someone where in your workplace, dorm, or apartment building to give everyone around you a moment of transcendent alternative reality on their way to where they’re going.

We Used To Live There Poster

We Used To Live There PosterSociety6

If you lived in space, you would sometimes go outside and watch the Earth rise, perhaps missing the smells, sounds, people, and life forms. Hang this vision of that world on your walls and who’s to say that isn’t your life now? Reality starts with dreams, right?

3D Universe Space Window Styled Removable Wall Sticker Home Decor

3D Universe Space Window Styled Removable Wall Sticker Home DecorFastTech

Give that blank wall some perspective. Instead of accepting that there is another person living on the other side of that wall, how about if all that noise was being cause by meteors, space craft, and a great expanse of infinite black. Open your windows to that.

Astronaut Spaceman Universal Phone Stand

Astronaut Spaceman Universal Phone StandFastTEch

A series of choices led to you leading the life you have. What if you’d made different choices? Could that be your phone in the hand of that American astronaut suited up for a walk on a planet with an atmosphere that can’t support human life? Set your phone here, and think about the possibility.

Keepwood KW-0140 Astronaut Cell Phone/Tablet PC Holder Stand

Keepwood KW-0140 Astronaut Cell Phone/Tablet PC Holder StandFastTech

He sits to contemplate the data on his tablet. You sit to contemplate the data on yours. How different your worlds are. Or are they? Maybe he’s scrolling through Facebook while waiting for a ride back to the mother ship while you sit in your living room doing the same?

Women’s Galaxy Prints High Waist Polyester Yoga Capris Leggings

Women's Galaxy Prints High Waist Polyester Yoga Capris LeggingsZapals

Black leggings are so yesterday. Galaxy leggings are totally tomorrow. While everyone else is going to yoga or just living life in fitness wear, you are going boldly where no one has gone before.

The Expanse Boxed Set: Leviathan Wakes, Caliban’s War and Abaddon’s Gate

The Expanse Boxed Set: Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War and Abaddon's GateAmazon

Anyone who dreamed of space camp has already watched The Expanse, at least once. But have you read the books? No? It’s time to get on that. Here is a boxed set to fix that problematic situation while you wait for a new season.

Breathable Astronaut Pet Cat Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Bag

Breathable Astronaut Pet Cat Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule BagZapals

Why carry the cat to the vet in an ordinary cat carrier when there is this? Ready to take your feline to space or just to get some shots, it will allow you to see in, her to see out through the porthole, and everyone to know that you two would have come off of the Sulaco together, even if the Aliens killed everyone else.

Milky Way Wrapping Paper

Milky Way Wrapping PaperSociety6

Don’t do boring gifts. Wrap other people’s presents in your own dreams. How else will you persuade your friends to get on the spaceship with you when it finally arrives? Share the dream!


GLOWING MOONTouch of Modern

When you turn the lights out, this wall decal will light up, offering moonlight to your interior. It will stay lit, slowly dimming, for five hours. This might be the easiest way yet to make your life feel as if you are living forever at space camp because you just peel off the backing and apply it to the wall.