Right Now, Select CamelBak Hydration Packs Are an Incredible 50-Percent Off

Save big on these popular CamelBak packs before they sell out.

Spring’s in full bloom, which means summer is just around the corner. And while you’re probably already planning your latest outdoor adventures, rising temperatures mean we have to take special care to stay hydrated. Luckily, this summer it will be easier than ever to make sure your body’s getting enough water. That’s because select CamelBak hydration packs are currently 50-percent off the normal retail price, which makes for an incredible value.

CamelBak makes some of the most comfortable hydration packs on the market today, and at 50-percent off, it’s a hard deal to ignore. Plus, like all CamelBak products, these discounted items come with a lifetime guarantee. So if you’ve been on the fence about buying one of these extremely popular outdoor accessories, now is the time. But at these prices, they’re sure to sell out fast. So take a look at the great deals listed below.

Octane 16X Hydration Pack

With 16 liters of room for cargo and the capacity for 3 liters of water, the Octane™ 16X Hydration Pack is perfect for extra-long runs, fast-packing, and long days on the trail. Loading up for a multi-sport adventure? Unzip the back of the pack, and it will expand to offer even more cargo space so you can bring snacks, maps, and other gear without breaking your stride. The innovative Crux reservoir delivers 20-percent more water per sip, with an ergonomic handle for easier refilling, and an on/off lever to prevent leaks. And at $60, which is a full half off its normal retail price of $120, it’s a real steal.

2018 H.A.W.G. LR 20 Hydration Pack

The H.A.W.G. LR 20 Hydration Pack is designed to give cyclists everything they need: maximum storage, maximum hydration, and better balance on your bike. After all, its initials do stand for “Holds A Lotta Water and Gear.” It features an ingenious lumbar design that shifts weight to your hips for more stability when you’re riding with a fully-loaded pack. It’s also designed to hold a second reservoir for especially long journeys. And when the weather takes a turn for the worse, just pull out the integrated rain cover and shield your gear. Right now, it’s on sale for $80, down from $160, so grab one before they’re gone.

L.U.X.E. ™ LR 14 Hydration Pack

With the ladies L.U.X.E. ™ LR 14 Hydration Pack, Camelbak changed the game. Its ergonomic design means there’s water right where you want it, and the right amount of storage to avoid throwing off your balance. Additionally, the L.U.X.E. pack is now updated with a lower center of gravity to give your body the mobility you need, moving the weight of your load from your shoulders to your waist. It also sports all of the features that make the standard L.U.X.E. a long-running favorite: helmet hooks, tool storage, and 3 liters of hydration. Plus, as mentioned above, the improved Crux reservoir is even easier to fill and delivers 20-percent more water with every sip. It’s normally $150, but you can get it now for the insanely low price of $75.

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