Our Favorite Sockless Shoes for Summer 2019

These high-tech sneakers let your dogs go commando without malodorous effects.

With summer just around the corner, a lot of people will soon liberate their feet from thick socks and heavy boots in favor the classic sockless shoe look. Unfortunately, while this style is as comfortable and convenient as it is trendy, going sockless with traditional shoes usually comes at quite a cost. Namely, after about six weeks of warm weather, your shoes and your feet start to smell like rancid cabbage. That’s…not good.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to new technologically advanced fabrics and materials, a number of shoe companies now make stylish knit sneakers that are designed to be worn sans socks with minimal malodorous impact. So if you’re planning for your feet to go commando this summer, you definitely need to take a look at our favorite sockless shoes for 2019.

Suavs Sockless Sneakers

Let’s start with Suavs. Their sneakers feature uppers made from 3D digital knitted fabric. To reduce waste, each piece is individually knitted instead of cut from whole cloth. But the coolest thing about Suavs sockless shoes are the insoles. They are made from breathable foam and lined with sweat-wicking terry cloth to keep your feet fresh all day. Best of all, the insoles are removable and washable, so you can go sockless all summer without worrying about funky smells.

Suavs Sneaker Types

Suavs sockless shoes are probably the most minimalist sneakers on this list, and maybe also the most durable. They’re lightweight, breathable, slip-on, and feature insanely flexible rubber soles. They currently come in two models: the Zilker, a low-top sneaker, and the Legacy, a high-top sneaker. Both combine retro style with futuristic materials to produce something truly unique.

Allbirds Sockless Shoes

Up next we have Allbirds. Whereas our previous entry was all about waterproofing, Allbirds is all about sustainability. The uppers of Allbirds sneakers are made entirely from either merino wool or trees, renewable resources that produce less waste and pollution than synthetic materials and are therefore better for the environment. The laces are made from recycled plastic. The soles are made using castor bean oil, allowing for the use of more natural products in the rubber. Even the boxes Allbirds come in are 90-percent recycled cardboard. But sustainability isn’t the only thing Allbird does well. Their shoes also look and feel awesome. Simple, understated, and logoless, they fit pretty much every style and every occasion. And they’re unbelievably light and breathable.

Allbirds Sneaker Types

Allbird sneakers are broken down into their “Wool” and “Tree” lines. The Wool, which are softer and warmer, come in two styles and 14 different colorways. The Tree, which are lighter and more breathable, come in four styles and 10 different colorways. Best of all all Allbirds come with a 30-day trial. You buy them. You wear them. You don’t like them? You send them back! No questions asked.

Vessi Waterproof Sockless Shoes

Last but not least, we have Vessi, which makes breathable, ultra lightweight knit sneakers that are 100 percent waterproof thanks to a proprietary material called Flashknit. This material is basically two layers of stretchy knitted fabric sandwiching an inner membrane that has millions of tiny holes. These holes are big enough to let evaporated moisture out, but too small to let liquid moisture in. Ergo a sneaker that is breathable while also completely waterproof, so you can wear it with or without socks and always stay completely dry.

Vessi Sneaker Types

Oh, and we should probably mention that Vessi sneakers also look cool. They currently have three different collections that come in a variety of colorways. There’s the original CityScape, which was designed for those who are more active and athletic. Then there’s the Everyday and The Skyline, which have more subtle support and greater flexibility. The former has a lace closure system for extra support, while the latter is laceless for maximum convenience.

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