6 Items to Upgrade Your Home This Weekend

Skip the trail of furniture stores. Just sit back and fix what's wrong with your space while you enjoy what's right with it.

Unsplash / Eduard Militaru

Everything from clutter to bad smells to rooms you never use to the rather troubling truth that your friends — and maybe you — would rather go out than hang out at your place can be fixed with a few key pieces of furniture. Sometimes just a candle or a hamper will do the trick!

If the thing that stops you from fixing the problems with your dwelling is the horrifying prospect of driving around town, haunting irritatingly hip shops, or skulking into Pottery Barn believing you cannot afford any of that? We got you. Read on for easy-to-order-from-the-couch-you-have solutions.

Yamazaki Tower Rolling Slim Storage Cart

Yamazaki Tower Rolling Slim Storage Cart


No room for a bar in your tiny living room? Slide this behind the couch. Too many bottles littering your inadequate counters? Slide this between the fridge and the stove. No room for a bedside table? You get the drill. This rolling shelf is only 5.1 inches wide. And those three shelves will hold a lot of gear. This will fix a lot of problems, fast.

Housefish Pocket Desk

Housefish Pocket Desk


Desk clutter is a real problem. Moving from one task to another sometimes means spreading out all the way over the the coffee table or kitchen counter. Enter the pocket. It’s like another surface, right under your desktop so you can move this project — or laptop — out of the way while you pay attention to something else. No more clutter creep. No need for a bigger desk.

Sydney Hale Woods Candle

Sydney Hale Woods Candle


Woof! What happened in here? Pets, laundry accumulation, cooking smells, closed windows, and whatever that is? These things all happen inside. And smell is a very primal sense. If the smell is bad, people want to leave. Light up one of these to create a better smell — not a heavy perfume one. The smell of the woods? Who doesn’t love that? Other options include Bergamot and Black Tea and Bourbon and Brown Sugar. High quality soy candles that support a good cause in a glass you can use again.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Utility Blanket

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Utility Blanket


Every home needs a good wool blanket in it. Throw it over guests who crash on the couch, cuddle under it when you Netflix and Chill, grab it to take up on the roof to watch the stars. This one is warm, gorgeous and, best of all, super durable. Use it for whatever will be improved by a warm layer.

Steele Canvas Square Truck

Steele Canvas Square Truck


Is laundry day just too much work? Replace that cheap plastic hamper with this piece of utilitarian beauty and transform that task instantly. Easy to toss clothes into from across the room. Easy to roll to the laundry room when it’s time to wash them. And it looks so cool, you will probably bring the hamper out of the closet and right into the bedroom.

Upstate Pure Washed Cotton Sheet Set

Upstate Pure Washed Cotton Sheet Set


Those cheap sheets you bought when you were in a rush to furnish? They fit the bed, sure. But do they feel like bliss when you get into them? Maybe it’s time to upgrade the place where you spend a large percentage of your life into something that feel delicious, washes easily, gets softer every time you do laundry, and creates a crisp adult oasis for your brain to rest. Premium cotton with a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ label to settle that argument.