7 Marvel Accessories You Absolutely Need In Your Life, You Amazing Nerd, You

Keeping your nerd cred involves more than keeping a few action figures clean. Here are some must-have accessories 


Show the love to the characters that populate your favorite alternative universe. Wear it. Carry it. Eat off it. Live with it. These are your heroes. They deserve your respect. And you need a new shirt or a wallet or something, right?

Spider Man, Captain America, Thor, Deadpool. Whatever world you favor there is an accessory for it. There are so many, in fact, that we skipped all the socks and underwear and went for the very best and boldest gear.

You are a proud nerd. Don’t hide it.

Spider Man Athletic Base Layer Top

Spider Man Athletic Base Layer TopGeek Core

Sure wearing super hero underwear gives you power. But what if you are out for a run and villains threaten innocent citizens? Obviously, you will pull off your hoodie and save the day because Spider Man base layer! No phone booth or modesty alley needed.

Black Panther Satchel Handbag

Black Panther Satchel HandbagGeek Core

We can’t covet this enough. Not just that it’s classy Black Panther accessorizing. But it’s a great purse, too. Tassel, detachable shoulder strap, bowling bag style. Even the lining is a Black Panther pattern. Too awesome.

Thor Bathrobe

Thor BathrobeGeek Core

Kids get footed Spider Man Pajamas. We can have this Thor Bathrobe. Fuzzy, comfy, and also something Thor would wear when things are slow in Asgard and he and Loki were out late, slept in, and are now kickin’ it on the deck.

Captain America Shield Backpack

Captain America Shield BackpackGeek Core

If you are going to wear something on your back to carry your gear, make it do double duty as protection. This Captain America Shield backpack is useful and a target on your back for anyone hunting for nerd.

Spider-Man Egg Cup

Spider-Man Egg CupGeek Core

Egg cups are difficult to find outside of the U.K. But they are essential if you love yourself some soft-boiled egg in the shell. And this Spider-Man Egg Cup is not only adorable, it holds the spoon for you. Adding this to the collection right now.

Marvel Deadpool Hidden Quote Backpack

Marvel Deadpool Hidden Quote Backpack Geek Alliance

Gorgeous, functional, sarcastic? What’s not to love here? There is an “Outta the way NERD” message hidden inside the front pocket. Don’t hate your backpack. Get one that’s got your back!

Marvel Black Panther Comic Bi-Fold Wallet

Marvel Black Panther Comic Bi-Fold WalletGeek Alliance

You keep them in your pocket most of the time, right? So why are wallets always black or brown? It’s not like it’s going to clash with everything else you’re wearing. Not even if it’s boldly emblazoned with Black Panther imagery. Live a little. Black Panther comic book covers decorate the entire exterior of this awesome wallet.