Vessi's High-Tech Waterproof Sneakers Are Well Worth the Hype

Vessi Footwear continues to change the game with two new collections for Spring 2019

The arrival of spring means it’s finally time to ditch the heavy boots in favor of lighter, more comfortable footwear. And for most of us that means sneakers, or what industry experts call “sports lifestyle footwear.” Unfortunately, while sneakers offer unmatched style and comfort, the vast majority of them offer no protection from the elements. In fact, with most sneakers, all you have to do it walk within five feet of a puddle and somehow your feet get soaking wet. Luckily, as we’ve pointed out in this space before, you don’t have to choose between sneakers and dry feet thanks to Vessi Footwear’s waterproof shoes.


Founded in Vancouver back in 2017, Vessi makes woven sneakers that are at the forefront of urban fashion, but are also incredibly comfortable and totally, completely, 100-percent waterproof thanks to a high-tech material called Flash Knit.

Now, pretty much every sneaker brand claims to have its own “high-tech” proprietary material. But in this case, the hype is legit. Flash Knit is a stretchy, moisture-wicking, woven material made up of three distinct layers. The outer layer is a special blend of yarns engineered to stretch and huge the contours of your feet. The middle layer is a waterproof nano-filtering membrane, which has millions of tiny holes big enough for the moisture generated by your feet to escape, but too small external liquids to get in. And the final, inner layer is soft, stretchy, form-fitting, and moisture wicking.

Vessi’s original collection, launched via Kickstarter, was The CityScape. And it was pretty popular, raising $1.026 million. Now, in addition to The CityScape, Vessi has two new collections called The Everyday and The Skyline.

The CityScape

The CityScape was designed for those who are more active and athletic. It’s ultra-light and has slightly more insulation for all-season use, made with a medium stretch Flash Knit fabric and soft-gel heel for maximum support and flexibility. Both the men’s and women’s versions come in four colorways.

The Everyday - PreOrder Now

As the name implies, The Everyday is intended to be an everyday “lifestyle casual” shoe. It features a taller lace cage than The CityScape for a little extra support, but is made with stretchier Flash Knit for maximum flexibility. Both the men’s and women’s versions come in three different colorways. They are currently available for pre-order and are scheduled to ship in May 2019.

The Skyline - PreOrder Now

The Skyline, Vessi’s other new offering, has the same lateral support as The Everyday without the laces. It was designed for those who want a comfy shoe with maximum convenience. Both the men’s and the women’s version come in two colorways. They are currently available for pre-order and are schedule to ship in May 2019.

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