5 Weirdest Tech Items on Amazon Right Now

Frome useless to oddly amazing, Amazon has it all


You can find just about anything on Amazon. From dog food to iPhones to sex toys to diapers, the site really has something for everyone (unless you’re looking for one of Google’s smart speakers). At some point, you’ll find items on Amazon that will boggle your mind. Not in that they’re impractical, but the fact that they exist at all. Below are five odd tech items you can grab on Amazon right now.

Wine Cork USB Lights

LED Cork LightsAmazon

This falls somewhere in between “brilliant” and “…but why?”. Sure, they’ll certainly add some sparkle to any evening event, but there’s virtually no practical application for these little LEDs. the 12 lumen LED fully charges via USB in 20 minutes. Since they only last two hours on a single charge, long term single-use applications are dashed. Still, they’re quite dazzling and they do help answer the question many have, and that’s “where’s the alcohol?”

USB “Thumb” drive

Thumb USB DriveAmazon

It wasn’t clever the first time we saw it and it still isn’t today. USB Flash Drives come in all shapes and sizes, so much so that Amazon has a dedicated “Fun Flash Drives” list. This thumb drive reminds you of a joke that took you too long to catch on to and then felt dumb that you laughed at it at all. What’s more baffling is that we’ve yet to see this drive get upgraded to USB type C. Then at least it would be a finger worth giving someone.

Toilet Light

Toilet LightAmazon

This item is one of the more practical on the list, but it’s still a toilet light. Adding ambient lighting to your crapper is possibly more strange than the toilet light itself, which does have some genuine use cases. The motion-activated light is perfect for when you wake up in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on your bathroom light. It’s easy to install, has 8 different colors to choose from, and is powered by just 3 AA batteries. It’s also only $12, so there’s that.

Rolling Alarm Clock

Clocky Rolling Alarm ClockAmazon

Another device you’ll sort of love and hate at the same time is Clocky, the rolling alarm clock. If you’re one to oversleep or constantly press the snooze button, only to make yourself late, it may be for you. After you’ve set your alarm, Clocky does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It will buzz loudly and take off, rolling around your floor (whether it’s carpet or hardwood) until you get out of bed and manually turn it off. While it’s effective, the charm of Clocky may just end up pissing you off.

Compact Mirror USB Power Bank

LED Compact Mirror Power bankAmazon

Well, damn. This compact mirror also doubles up as a power bank to recharge your devices, which is perfectly weird and useful. The compact opens up to two mirrors (one normal and one magnified by 3X) and built-in LED lights for illumination. It also packs in a 3000mAh battery, battery indicator LED lights along the rim, micro USB port for charging the pack and a full-sizes USB A 2.1 port to plug in your desired cord to charge your devices. The descriptions claim that it is a a fast charging port, but your mileage may vary, depending on your device and cord.