The Oxford Union Really Wants to Meet Taylor Swift

The prestigious debate society has reached out with a 'Shake it Off' supercut of lesser intellects.


Somebody at The Oxford Union desperately wants Taylor Swift to visit. This person also seems to have a fair amount of free time.

The prestigious English debating society has reached out to Swift with a soon-to-go-viral video. The invitation stitches together other celebrity guest speakers, including Morgan Freeman, Piers Morgan, and Stephen Fry, shaking it off and accidentally telling off haters.

Even Malala Yousafzai, the education activist, youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, and assassination survivor whose own visit is included in the clip was forced to concede the edit was “brilliant.”

The question is not what Swift could lecture on, but what she would deem worth her time. The macroeconomics of a pop empire? Machiavellian tactics as applied to 21st century social media? Perhaps a symposium on how long it takes the light cast by Taylor Swift to reach our nearest star? Taylor Swift is vast. Taylor Swift contains multitudes.