'Iron Man VR' Director Explains Why It's a Perfect Fit for PlayStation VR

Tony Stark's two main tools map perfectly to PSVR's control system.

All the people who are cursed to walk this earth on two dumb legs can finally experience the sensation of telling gravity to shove it as they zip around the clouds like a gosh dang bird thanks to *Iron Man VR*. Well, at least until their roommates need to use the living room.

Inverse recently attended a Sony PlayStation VR preview event, and the absolute highlight was this virtual reality take on the Avengers hero, which brings fans closer than ever to actually experiencing what it’s like to be Tony Stark.

“As a comic book reader, you sometimes dream of flying around like a superhero, and Iron Man VR fulfilled that dream,” says Eric Francisco, entertainment staff writer at Inverse.

After flying above the city and blasting baddies, Francisco chatted with Ryan Payton, the director of Iron Man VR, about adapting this comic book icon to the world of virtual reality.

“We couldn’t think of a better character to pair the strengths and unique aspects of VR,” says Payton.

Iron Man VR relies on PSVR’s wand-like motion controllers. If you imagine the glowing orbs that top these devices as the repulsors in the hands of Iron Man’s suit, it only takes a quick tutorial to get the hang of the movement mechanics. Aim your hand down to blast yourself upward. Face your palm forward and press a button to shoot at an enemy.

Iron Man’s unique abilities stem from his hands and his HUD display, which are both represented in PlayStation VR’s goggles and controllers. It’s a pretty great fit. 


On top of trying to nail the feeling of being Iron Man, Payton says he made sure to stay true to Tony Stark as well.

“It’s a really personal story, he’s battling his own demons,” he says.

It’s not all existential dread, though. Tony Stark is also battling Ghost, who Marvel movie fans might remember from Ant-Man & The Wasp. While Iron Man VR is inspired by some real Marvel storylines, Payton did confirm that it exists in its own universe. Fans won’t have to worry about how this game affects the MCU, and vice versa.

Iron Man VR does not yet have a release date, but fans can expect it sooner rather than later. Fans of Marvel and virtual reality alike will find something in this game to ignite the childlike wonder that they felt the first time they saw a superhero fly through the sky in a comic book, TV show, or movie.

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