The One Jacket You've Been Missing From Your Wardrobe

This 60s throwback is a great addition to your closet

Spring jackets generally have two styles: the bomber and the harrington. Both are classic. Both are iconic, but neither stand out in a crowd. Every guy who owns one is just like every other guy who owns one. So it’s time for a third jacket to enter the mix.

We love Relwen’s Covert CPO jacket. This lightweight spring jacket is one that vaulted right to the top of our list after our review. The jacket is a throwback to th CPO silhouette style from the 1960’s and updated and upgraded for a modern look. this jacket is as lightweight as it is stylish and looks good with everything from chinos to dress pants to jeans.

First thing we noticed in our testing was the mobility this jacket had without sacrificing the warmth. Other jackets we’ve tested give you one or the other. Not every jacket can give you both. Relwen boasts added spandex in the design and it’s on display when you wear it.

We were using this jacket around New York in 35-50 degree days and felt like the jacket help up incredibly well. It’s got a drawstring at the hip to help eliminate the unnecessary airflow and it helped but honestly the cotton/nylon lining was plenty to keep out the cold.

Now, to be fair there’s a couple of items about the jacket that are worth noting. First, Relwen says this is a great mid-layer but in our testing we don’t know how it feels as a midlayer. It’s certainly light enough and breathable enough to qualify but this doesn’t strike us as the kind of jacket you’d put on under your winter jacket. It’s a matter of personal choice but worth noting.

Second, it’s worth noting the price. At $298 it’s a second of sticker shock but we think this might be worth the price tag. This jacket is one that we found to be durable so it’s one that could be in your wardrobe for the next decade. It’s also not the type of jacket that’s going to go out of style anytime soon so while the upfront price might be a little on the higher side depending on your usual budget, this is the jacket that’s worth it.