Improve Your Work/Life Balance With This Simple Solution

iAwake Pro uses the power of music to increase productivity (or chill out)


You already know music can affect your mood and help you get things done—that’s the reason you have a workout playlist. But other sounds, like the calming rhythm of waves breaking on the beach, can also affect how you feel.

The mood-altering effect of sounds is the secret behind iAwake Pro, which offers subscription audio tracks designed to help you chill out after a stressful day—or reach peak productivity.

iAwake Pro: Lifetime Subscription

These audio tracks use neuroacoustic technology to help you achieve the state of mind you seek, whether you need to be focused and ready to work, or you just need to de-stress after a loooong day. They’re engineered to take advantage of the brain’s natural tendency to synchronize with precise stimuli.

The developers behind this technology include musicians, hypnotherapists, and audio engineers. The tracks—each about eight to 10 minutes long—are multi-layered and based on the latest research in fields including neuroscience and neurofeedback.

In fact, the technology was honored as a top transformative technology at the Trans Tech 2016 and 2017 conferences.

Different tracks affect everyone differently (because everyone has a different brain, right?) so if the track isn’t bringing the intended results, try a different one. Later, you might want to try listening to the track again, possibly at a lower volume, to see how it affects you—you might be surprised to find your response to it has changed.

The tracks from iAwake Pro stimulate your brain in a way you’re not used to, so it’s possible you may experience a few side effects at first, possibly a slight headache or a ringing sensation. iAwake compares these effects to sore muscles when you start a new workout routine. Soon your brain, like your muscles, adapts to the new stimulation. About three-quarters of people who try iAwake see results.

Whether you need to get your brain in a creative zone, decompress from stress, feel mindful, or recharge for another burst of energy, check out the iAwake tracks designed to get your mind where it needs to go. iAwake Pro is available as a lifetime subscription with mobile and desktop access available.