LeviMoon Rotating Indoor Moon Is Really Weird, and People Keep Buying It

It's out of this world.

With Marie Kondo dominating Netflix and warmer temperatures slowly headed our way, the ritual of spring cleaning is right around the corner. There’s no better time to say goodbye to your old trappings and finally create that posh and futuristic pad of your dreams. Between Pinterest and Instagram, there is no shortage of inspiration for an aesthetically perfect room. But if you are bored with the banal plants that call themselves an urban jungle and the fairy lights that dominate millennial decorating, let us introduce you to the antidote: the LeviMoon!

Created by Coocepts Products, (a portmanteau of “cool” and “concepts”), the LeviMoon is scientifically and artistically designed to levitate and hover over it’s magnetized walnut dock. The moon replica itself is 5.9 inches in diameter, making it perfect for a desk or bedside table. Crafted with art and science in mind, the orb features accurate 3D prints of the actual moon’s surface. It is also equipped with several settings options: Do you want it to levitate statically or to rotate and glow with a “warm” or “cool” light? But the best part is that it can charge while in motion, so consider it your most self-sufficient decoration yet. Move aside, Mason jars.

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