Men's Hoodie: Our Review of the 10-Year Hoodie

The Item

The 10-Year Hoodie by Flint & Tinder.

The Features

  • Double lined hood to keep the cold out
  • Secret media pocket for your phone or wallet
  • reinforced seam for durability
  • 10 year product guarantee

Does the 10 Year Hoodie Live Up To The Billing?

From the first time I tried this hoodie on it was clear this wasn’t made for indoors. This is a durable hoodie made for the colder months and the harsher conditions. This is THE outdoor hoodie.

The hoodie has a 70/30 cotton/poly blend and it feels heavy without feeling uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the fit was slim but forgiving and definitely moves well with you. This is an outdoor hoodie best used when hiking, camping, workout outdoors or commuting in harsher weather.

The zippers were a little tough to work. Again, the toughness is the theme of the hoodie. So the slower zippers were slightly annoying but it doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the product. Flint & Tinder boasts that their products were well-made and the 10-Year hoodie certainly models that level of quality and care.

How Much Does the 10-Year Hoodie Cost?

The price is a pretty steep $98 dollars but if you’re a person who likes to be out in the elements and is looking for a hoodie that will standup to the elements with you, then $98 dollars is a steal. With a 10-year guarantee you’re looking at less than 10 dollars a year for the life of the garment. That’s well worth it in my opinion.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for an indoor hoodie to wear around the house or the office, you can find a cheaper hoodie, like this one. but if you’re looking for a durable hoodie to survive the cold and/or the outdoors then this is well worth the price you’ll pay and you know it’s going to last you for quite a while.