We've Found the Perfect Jacket for Fall, Winter and Spring

The Nova Series Insulated Jacket is a fantastic all-purpose jacket


The Bottom Line

We’ve had the pleasure of viewing a lot of jackets and for the areas of comfort, flexibility and temperature control, the Nova Series Insulated Jacket is one of our favorites.

What This Winter and Fall Jacket Offers

Operates well on its own or with a squad of layers

Four way stretch material moves with you, water repellent finish to fight off the elements

Modern cut that’s flattering without being restricting

warmth-to-weight thermal efficiency

Functions as a travel pillow when packed into it’s built-in stuff sack

A Great Fall Jacket

There’s a few things I loved about this jacket. First, it’s as comfortable moving as it claims to be. I wore it over a 5 day period. During which time I moved furniture, ran errands, commuted to work, work it around the office and took my kids out to the zoo. This jacket wasn’t bulky and never restricted movements. It’s exactly the kind of jacket you want as your only layer in fall and spring, and the mid-layer in the dead of winter.

A Jacket With Great Temperature Control

What was most impressive about the Nova series is that it kept me warm in 40 degree days (and maybe a few degrees colder than that) but didn’t make me hot when wearing it in the office. It was just the right amount of insulation to really be an all-purpose jacket.

Does the Jacket Work As A Mid-Layer

I was skeptical here. I usually wear a hoodie or fleece as the mid-layer and thought that two jackets might feel like I was wearing too much but it was surprisingly comfortable definitely kept me warmer than just a hoodie would.

Is It Worth The Price?

Right now has it on sale for $98 dollars. Considering this is a jacket that you can get good use out of 7-8 months out of the year I think that’s a great bargain. But if it goes back to it’s regular price of $198? That might be steep for a jacket of this kind. I’d be more inclined to pass at that price point but I love it for under $100.