Must-Have Camp Gear for Spring Outdoor Activities and More

Wherever spring adventures might take you, it's best to be prepared.

One of the best things about the approaching spring season is the ability to finally enjoy being outside. No longer do you need a floor-length parka, scarf, and hat to brave the walk to the grocery store. And with all the greenery starting to bloom, the outdoors become even more enticing than indoors. But there’s nothing worse than planning a hike only to be met with winter’s last-ditch effort to stick around—or ending up soaking wet from unexpected rain and mud So be prepared for all that could potentially ruin your weekend with these incredible camping and outdoor gadgets from Huckberry.

The Tent You Pitch on Top of Your Car

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever woken up to a wet tent floor after a night of camping, you know how quickly the experience goes from great to hellish. Up your camping game with the addition of this revolutionary tent system that attaches to your car’s roof to provide a great shelter, additional storage, and a fantastic opportunity to wake up to a view.

The Ultra Portable and Multi-Purpose Shovel

Why We Picked It: You never know when you’re going to wake up to winter’s last surprise snow, have to dig a hole to hide your presence from wild life or dig yourself out of a tough patch of mud. Never get stuck in the mud or snow again with this durable shovel with indestructible 2.5mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum that will never bend. Toothed edge makes it great at breaking up tough ice, snow, and dirt.

The Power Bank that Will Keep You From Getting Stranded

Why We Picked It: Car camping can mean leaving your car on for extended periods of time. Whether that’s for heat, air conditioning, or leaving your lights on for some campsite light, you should never have to worry about being caught with a dead battery. Charge your phone or jumpstart your car with this easy-to-use power bank.

The Sleek First Aid Kit with Everything You Need

Why We Picked It: Conveniently packed into a functional flashlight, this first aid kit has everything you need for any accident or small pain that comes with being outdoors, and the flashlight has four different modes including flood light, soft light, red light and SOS light.

The Extraction Device That Will Get You Out of the Mud and Snow Easier Than Ever

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever gotten stuck in snow, sand, or mud, chances are you want to do everything in your power to avoid reliving that experience. This simple—yet vital—device is perfect for storing in your trunk for use at any moment. Built-in shovels allow you to dig out wheels and the large cleats allow a firm grip and proper wheel spin so that you can get unstuck faster than ever.

The Preloaded Backpack with Everything You Need

Why We Picked It: This backpack comes equipped and pre-packed with everything you might need for your time outside. Made with advice from first responders, doctors, mountain guides. and special forces, there isn’t an emergency situation that could arise that this backpack wouldn’t leave you prepared for. Click here for the complete supply list.

The Lightweight Snowshoe That Makes Hiking Through The Snow Easier Than Ever

Why We Picked It: No one wants to break in new shoes for a long hike, and sometimes snow boots just aren’t very comfortable. Wear your existing—and already broken-in—hiking boots with these ultra-light weight snow shoes to make hiking in all weather a breeze.

The Goggles That Will Stay On Your Face In Any Weather

Why We Picked It: Ski goggles aren’t just for skiing anymore. If you’re out and about on a mountain in the early spring, the risk is snow is constant. The 100% UVA protected goggles with polarized lenses and rimless frame design will allow you to see everything you need to see in any conditions. Consider chosing these over your sunglasses for your next expedition.

The Gaiter Attachment That’ll Keep Your Feet Dry At All Costs

Why We Picked It: Made to keep ice, mud, snow and debris out of your socks and shoes, these gaiters are a must for comfortable hiking in all the unpredictable weather changes of spring. They’re waterproof, and YKK zippers will keep them snug to the leg. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large for the right fit.

The Portable Guitar for Camp Fire Fun

Why We Picked It: This extremely portable guitar comes complete with a headphone amp for personal playing around the campfire, but plugged into a traditional amp, there will be no difference in sound or quality from your usual guitar. The in-body tuning system makes tuning easier than ever and makes traveling with an instrument a breeze without sacrifice in sound quality or experience.

The Hygiene Product That’ll Make Forgoing A Shower More Comfortable

Why We Picked It: Naturally scented with eucalyptus oil, these extra large wet wipes are perfect for the closest thing to a shower in the forest or a quick handwash after a day outside. They’ll keep the bugs at bay while keeping you from feeling gross after skipping a weekend’s worth of showers.

The Cooking System That’ll Have You Looking Forward To A Camp Meal

Why We Picked It: Camp meals don’t have to be limited to jerky and freeze-dried fruit. With the help of this tiny (but mighty!) grill, you can enjoy the outdoors with a few creature comforts of your backyard. Fits a standard 16 oz. propane canister.

The Portable Hammock Perfect for A Quick Rest

Why We Picked It: Hammocks are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors after a good hike (or if you’re not all about the hike life, instead). Set up somewhere and hang out for the whole day. It’s like you never even got out of bed.

The Portable Tool for The Perfect Camp Fire

Why We Picked It: This pocket saw is lighter than a baseball and designed to be ultra packable. Conveniently secure to your hip with nylon storage case and included belt loop, reported to saw through wood “like butter” for the best of camp fires in the often chilly spring nights.

The Packable Pillow for Maintaining Comfort Outdoors

This pillow is everything we’ve ever wanted. It packs down for portability, but unfolds into total fluffiness. And the exterior is washable, so no pillowcase necessary. Ideal for camping, but it’ll definitely double as your favorite travel pillow for airplanes, too.