Become a Master of Amazon Web Services for $35

An incredible price for an extremely valuable skill

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), software developers are changing the game. AWS architecture allows engineers to make self-contained units and automate delivery in the cloud, revolutionizing workflow and pipeline efficiency. Knowing the ins and outs of AWS will make you more hireable across industries, and this bundle gives you everything you need to succeed. It’s also currently 96 percent off the $984.93 MSRP at The Inverse Shop — only $35 for all seven courses.

First, find your bearings in general cloud storage and content delivery instruction. Then, learn all about shortening the cloud development life cycle and optimal DevOps practices before you move into AWS itself. The final sprint sees you sharpening your engineering skills as you get hands-on experience integrating with Web Services.

It’s definitely a cloud-crazy world out there for developers, and this is a great bundle to get you up to speed. Head over to the Inverse Shop and pick up the courses today at 96 percent off the $984.93 MSRP — just $35.