CBD Company Delivers CBD for $20 Off

We could all use a little help relaxing.

It’s 2019, and we’ve jumped lightyears ahead where we were even 10 years ago on the topic of cannabis and its reported benefits. Not only is your teenage neighbor using it these days, but you’d probably be able to strike up quite the conversation about CBD with the old lady on your street as well. And the dog that always seems so chill and behaved? Their owner is probably dosing them, too. Basically, there is a CBD (aka cannabidiol) product out there for everyone and if there’s ever been a time to try, it’s right now.

Why? Not only are the benefits of CBD being touted more popularly than ever, but they’re also more accessible. You don’t have to mail order through some sketchy dark web service, with new cannabis titan, Eaze is as eaze-y as ordering from Amazon. And as a brand new customer, you’ll received $20 off your first order—a discount I shouldn’t have to qualify for more seasoned cannabis-purchasers.

You don’t have to live in California to get delivery either—though if you do, it’s as easy as ordering Postmates. Eaze delivers to your door within 4-6 days, just like any old package, and there is no limit to what you can order.

What makes Eaze so special is that they have a menu as comprehensive and as user-friendly as a coffee shop. You can choose to take CBD in vaporizer form, drops, sprays, and strips, tablets, skincare and so much more—even for your pets.

All the chronic conditions you figured you’d just have to live with after the umpteenth doctor’s visit returning zero answers might just have found their possible management solution. You don’t know until you try how it’ll work for you, but the testimonials speak for themselves. Our senior dog has achieved a higher quality of life with the help of CBD. I can type this article because CBD helps me manage my fibromyalgia pain. My neighbor can walk to the grocery store—less than 450 feet away—for the first time in years thanks to CBD.

Whether you have chronic pain, fatigue, side effects from aggressive medications, or struggles with anxiety, CBD may be an all-natural solution there to help you get your life back. Try it now at a $20 discount.

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