The 8 Best Routers You Can Find for a Better Streaming Experience

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Ah, wireless routers. They’re both incredibly important and something you never, ever want to think about. You just want them to work. These days, there are countless routers that perform serviceably at incredibly fair prices. Middle-of-the-road routers occupy the largest space, since they can do what most people need.

That said, we’re now well into the streaming age, with 4K streaming becoming more and more prevalent, and if you live in a large house or a house with several connected devices, streaming can cause some issues.

Basically, routers are investments, you get what you pay for, and a sure-fire way to ensure your streaming experience will be a stellar one is to look into gaming-focused routers. Fortunately for you, we rounded up some more advanced routers out there, which can make buffering a thing of the past. Check out the eight of the best routers around for a high-quality streaming experience.

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