The Air Purifiers That You Never Knew You Needed..Until Now

If you've been waiting to take a breath of fresh air, take a leap and invest in one of these air purifiers ASAP.

Coming home should be a relief — not a sneeze attack trap. We look at our home as our escape after a long day being outside surrounded by germs and polluted air but the unfortunate news is that the same germs, allergens, and more are still sticking into the air you’re breathing. Of course your fur baby brings joy to your life but they also drag in tons of germs from outside and not to mention, all the dander that ends up in the air and on your furniture. Whether you’ve heard of air purifiers or not, they tend to be extremely underrated and luckily, they solve the problems that we don’t even know about. Check out the best air purifiers we’ve found to switch up the air you’re breathing.

1. The Ultimate Germ Killer

If you’re someone who is prone to suffering from allergies from the smallest things, this air purifier is for you. Whether you are mildly allergic to your furry friends, pollen, and other questionable things in the air, this three-in-one air purifier is made to catch those pollutants. To think that there are dust mites floating through the air you’re breathing is pretty foul but GermGuardian’s additional Pet Pure antimicrobial agent serves as an extra filter to fight mold, mildew, and other bacteria that ends up sticking to your furniture. The extra bonus is that not only does this fight allergens and bacteria but it also eliminates odors from smoke and cooking. As it comes in the perfect size that takes up barely any room in your home, go start cleansing your air now.


2. This Ozone-Friendly Air Purifier

The environment is an important cause to many so we tend to question every product on the market as to whether it harms the environment or not. The team behind Levoit Air Purifiers took this in mind and made this specific air purifier 100% ozone-free as it does not use UV or ions which are harmful to our ozone. With a three stage system, you’ll be able to trust that allergens such as dander and pollen, smoke odors, and other bacteria will be removed from the air you’re breathing. The other nice thing about it is that it comes in a compact and unique design to fit into any small room and is perfect for the office as well. Bonus: It works quietly throughout the night and can serve as a nightlight as well.


3. The Best Air Purifier for Large Spaces

Having a large space whether it be in your home or office is nice, right? There’s so much decorating you can do and that includes adding a chic air purifier that is made to cleanse the air of your master bedroom or spacious living room. Most air purifiers are not made for large rooms which is why the Blueair Air Purifier is perfect. It’s activated carbon filter goes ahead and eliminates smoke odors, mildew, pet dander, and more. On top of that, this air filter is nice and quiet so it won’t be joining in on your conversation with guests.


4. This Affordable & Sleek Air Purifier

If you haven’t been quite convinced on the powers of an air filter, we completely understand. Start your journey on breathing in clean air with this affordable yet powerful air purifier. Equipped with a true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, you’re bound to get a break from those annoying allergies that you suffer from. What makes this air purifier truly stand out is that the activated carbon filter is powered up higher by 30%, making it an true allergen and odor eliminator. Recommended for small to medium sized rooms, stick this in your bedroom or office and enjoy quality air after your morning commute.


5. If You Really Want To Ball Out, This Air Purifier Was Made For You

Here you have it, folks. The Dyson Air Purifier aka the Michilen Star of Air Purifiers out there. If you are truly looking to ball out and get a mix of both clean air and high-technology, this bad boy is about to get you real excited. What makes Dyson’s air purifier stand out is its high-tech feature of sensing and reporting air quality on an lcd screen and its ability to go up to 350 degrees of oscillation. While its small and compact, it has the power to clean an entire room thanks to its dual functionality of using both forward and backward airflow. Take a breath of fresh air because this mean machine is about to take care of some serious business.


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