'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Spoilers: 5 Characters Who Could Die in Ep. 11

The survivors at Hilltop and the Whisperers (led by Alpha) are on a collision course that can only end one way in The Walking Dead Season 9: with death. Both groups have at least one person the other side wants, but it’s likely this isn’t going to end in a violence-free trade.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 10 below.

The latest episode of Walking Dead Season 9, “Omega,” reveals Alpha and her daughter Lydia’s backstory, and it’s not a pretty one. Long story short, Lydia’s mother lied to her for years about her past, specifically when it came to how her father died. The truth is Alpha killed Lydia’s father.

Meanwhile, in the present, Lydia realizes that places like Hilltop where humanity still exists are real. Daryl also warms up to her enough that killing her doesn’t seem like it’s on the table anymore.

However, in the final scene, Alpha leads her people up to Hilltop’s gates and introduces herself. She only wants one thing: her daughter. In the trailer (above) for the next episode, Alpha makes it clear if they don’t comply, there will be consequences. In other words, she’ll probably kill someone from their group.

Daryl's not willing to trade with Alpha in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 11.


But Daryl’s not willing to hand over Lydia, not after he heard about what a horrible mother Alpha is. Lydia even admits in Episode 10 that she was trying to learn information about Hilltop in hopes that she could use it to get her mother to take her back. Apparently, the Whisperers don’t accept people back into their group after they become separated so easily. It doesn’t matter that Lydia is Alpha’s daughter.

Assuming Daryl doesn’t change his mind and someone else doesn’t hand over Lydia, who could be the next Walking Dead death?


The Whisperers currently have two hostages: Luke and Alden. Luke was the one to see Yumiko’s arrows and think she had left a trail for them to find, only for the two men to walk into Alpha’s trap.

Just because Luke and Alden were captured at the same time doesn’t mean their fates have to be the same.

What if Luke walked himself right into a situation that will ultimately lead to his death? The Whisperers have already killed a member of Hilltop (Jesus). What if now they kill a member of Magna’s group?

Yumiko and Tara seemingly just resolved any conflict that may have arisen from Magna’s group sneaking out at night to look for their missing friend. Luke’s death could either change that, leading to conflict within the group, or further unite them against the Whisperers.


He’s seemingly in a worse position than Luke in the trailer. There’s also the fact that recent episodes revealed that he and Enid are now together, and she reacts to something in the promo. Could Alpha be about to kill her boyfriend?


In Episode 10, Magna’s group leaves Hilltop to look for Luke (and Alden). Magna and Yumiko decide to return, but Kelly refuses to give up. Connie stays, too, but Tara sends out men to bring them back. As the Whisperers approach Hilltop, Kelly’s brought inside, but Connie hides in the cornfields.

The trailer shows she’s going to have her own problems there, including walkers. And it’s not like the Whisperers are going to be willing to step in and help her.

That being said, death by walker would be a letdown, so she’s probably the safest person outside of Hilltop right now.

Someone Else from Hilltop

Just because those three are in danger at the end of Episode 10 and going into Episode 11 doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones on the chopping block.

What if someone sneaks out to try to help or make a move on the Whisperers?

The Kingdom has a walker problem in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 11.


Someone from The Kingdom

How’s this for a twist? As you can see in the Episode 11 promo and photo above, the Kingdom is going to be dealing with walkers. What if someone does die in this episode, but not at Alpha’s hands? What if whatever mission the people from the Kingdom are on goes south?

Whatever happens, we know one thing: Alpha and the Whisperers are likely going to kill at least one of the survivors soon.

The Walking Dead Season 9 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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