These Super Clean Sheets Are a Must-Have This Spring

Say goodbye to dirty sheets--and not because you're not more laundry.

We’re all busy people and at the end of the day—okay, sometimes for 20 extra minutes in the morning or a mid-day nap—the only place we want to be is our bed. We don’t want to have to throw in a load of laundry to lay in bed but we also don’t want to lay in a bed that smells like sweat, gives us acne or just looks plain dirty. Literal miracle brand, Miracle Brand by Aloft has devised a solution to all our bed-related woes.

Say goodbye to dirty sheets with the purchase of the Miracle Sheet Set. Largely given 5 star reviews, every person who purchased these sheets said they worked exactly as they were advertised. What does that entail? Miracle makes their sheets out of miracle fabric infused with natural silver fibers through a process called Ionization. What this means is the silver ions attract everyday odors and bacteria, neutralizing them before they have a chance to spread.

What this means is your sheets will stay luxuriously soft longer because they won’t be taking a constant beating from your washer and dryer. You’ll do 3 times less laundry and you’ll see the improvement in your skin almost immediately.

Miracle Sheets are available in two sets, the Classic Miracle Sheet Set and the Supima Miracle Sheet Set. Both include 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases and 1 flat sheet in all standard bed sizes except twin, which only comes with 1 pillow case. Available colorways include White, Sky Blue, Sand, and Stone—great neutrals for relaxed bedding and coordinating with your comfortable.

Not convinced? All orders include a risk-free 30 night trial so if you don’t love them or they don’t perform any better than you’re used to, you can return them at no cost to you. All orders over $169 include free shipping. So, run don’t walk to experience the miracle.