10 Must Have Items to Elevate Your Home Look


I’m sure your sense of style doesn’t fall directly in line with the secondhand furniture and hand-me-downs you accrued when you got your first apartment. Chances are you’ve grown up quite a bit and some of your furniture and home needs have changed with you. Huckberry, a curated lifestyle brand we all know and love, has begun expanding their home goods selections and it might behoove you to consider the possibility of turning your home into a more accurate reflection of yourself.

Maybe you’ve gotten more into cooking since you moved into your first home. Maybe your bed has started to sink a little bit in the middle and as much as you love your partner, you don’t love to adhere to each other through your night’s sleep. Maybe it’s just time for a bigger bed. Or a couch that isn’t from Ikea.

Whatever your reason, there’s no harm in looking. These 10 home goods are must-haves for elevating your home style.

Tuft & Needle King Mattress - 10 Inches

Why We Picked It: You’ll be hard pressed to find a mattress at this price and size anywhere in stores. Over the last few years, mattress shipping has grown manyfold and afforadable options have cropped up. Tuft & Needle refuses to overcharge and never compromises on quality. Adaptive Foam, made of 100% recycled foam, will relieve your daily pressure, provide comfort in any sleeping position and allow you to toss and turn without disturbing your sleeping partner. Also available in California King and Full.

Price: $750

Burrow 3-Seater Sofa

Why We Picked It: Chances are if you have an Instagram, you’ve seen ads for Burrow ads before. This 3-seater, not IKEA, couch is available in 3 room complementing colors including Charcoal, Crushed Cravel and Navy Blue. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes, and this American-made couch will last through all your winter snowdays of being a total couch potato. Don’t like it? Returns are free.

Price: $1,195

Burrow Arm Chair

Why We Picked It: One of the tell tale signs of adulthood is matching furniture. To go with your new 3-seater sofa, this Burrow armchair comes in the same 3 colorways as the couch and promises to upgrade your space without taking longer than 10 minutes to put together. No tools necessary.

Price: $495

Burrow Ottoman

Why We Picked It: I mentioned matching furniture and for Burrow, it doesn’t stop at a couch and an armchair. For those that prefer to have their feet up or need an extra comfy seat for guests, this armchair also comes in Charcoal, Crushed Gravel and Navy Blue to coordinate with all your color preferences.

Price: $295

Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Why We Picked It: Having been raised by a chef, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that good knives are great to have but any old knife can become a great knife with a good quality sharpener. This incredible kitchen tool brings factory level knife sharpening right into your kitchen and you’ll never look back. Includes a 8-inch ceramic honing rod for quick touch ups and a 3 year warranty.

Price: $199

Barebones Kitchen 12-Inch Cast Iron Set

Why We Picked It: Once you cook in cast iron, you’re never going what to go back and you’ll never have to because a well maintained cast iron skillet will last for several lifetimes. With this set, you can outfit your entire kitchen and upgrade your cooking game to restaurant quality. Includes a skillet, dutch oven, matching lid, trivet and cleaning mesh for easy maintanence.

Price: $180

BioBidet Slim Zero Attachable Bidet

Why We Picked It: Bidets aren’t just for the rich and the French anymore. With no additional plumbing required and an easy installation, this bidet will keep you feeling more refreshed than ever while also reducing your environmental footprint. Blue night light and self cleaning functions make this bidet the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Price: Usually $129, now on sale for $99.98

Onsen Bath Bundle

Why We Picked It: Your home bathing experience should be as high quality as any spa or luxury hotel you’ve [n]ever been in. Available in 4 neutral colorways including, White, Oatmeal, Denim, and Cinder Grey, this towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two face towels. Made from 100% cotton and designed with a waffle weave, you’ll find your towel drying experience enriched.

Price: $156

Stelton Collar Espresso Maker

Why We Picked It: Stop spending $6 a day for something you could make at home and you don’t even need an expensive espresso machine. This stainless steel espresso maker is inspired by the age old Italian moka pot to brew you the perfect espresso every time right on your stovetop.

Price: Usually $90, now on sale for $79.98