Get Your Taxes Done Without Stress

Minimize the stress of the tax season--we both know it doesn't bring joy.

Unless you have a family member who’s an accountant, chances are your chest tightens at the mere mention of tax season. I know mine does. We were supposed to learn this stuff. Because we didn’t, we have two options: shell out the hundreds for a CPA or hope for the best with TurboTax. But what if I told you there was a convenient and hands-on third option that would allow you to survive this tax season without so much as a rise in blood pressure?

Sound too good to be true? Look into it for yourself. Usually in the ball park of $200, Visor Tax Filing is now on sale for 55 percent less than its retail value at only $89.

For your money, you will be paired directly with a CPA or EA, and for peace of mind, you’ll receive full audit protection. All you have to do is answer a few questions and your ultra-motivated tax professional will find you the maximum tax savings and prepare you for a hefty tax return.

Moreover, uploading documents is as easy as taking a photograph—if you haven’t quite gone paperless yet. Any questions throughout the process and ongoing tax season? You can schedule a one-on-one session with an advisor at any time.

The deal in and of itself self seems incredible but through Shop Inverse only, customers can get 1 of the following ad-on tax situations for free, including stock sales or cryptocurrency, self-employment, or K-1 partnership income. For such a small cost, this Basic Tax Return package is anything but basic. With the option to check-in and manage your return with the smartphone app or desktop site, you can track and stay organized throughout everyone’s least favorite time of year.

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