Snap’s Newest Spectacles May Seriously Be Wearable Tech at Its Finest

The technology is incredible

There’s GoPro. There’s the Olfi One.Five. There’s the camera on your iPhone or Android. What do they all have in common? They all involve carrying around special equipment to strap that device to a helmet or stick or the need to stop what you’re doing and take out your phone to capture the scene. That’s simply our reality when it comes to capturing HD video at a moment’s notice — or that was the reality — until Spectacles.

Snap’s newest Spectacles line consists of camera-equipped sunglasses that feel just like regular, high end shades and allow you to capture photos and video without having to pull out your gear. Just tap the record button at the temple. And because they can seamlessly link to your Snapchat and phone’s camera roll, viewing and uploading is hassle-free. You can share your content on any platform or just save in your library.

Spectacles deliver next level hands-free shooting like no other device has before. You can rock-climb, ride horses, dance the tango, or do anything else your heart desires with the always-available option to roll. With first-person perspective, you can provide a unique window into your world and document exactly what your eyes see at any given moment.

Snap recently released two new models—the unisex Nico (worn on the right) and more fashion-forward Veronica (on the left)—which are downright beautiful compared to their earlier counterparts. These new shades also offer polarized lenses for glare and UV protection, making for an innovative blend of technology, fashion, and utility that easily matches the price tag of $199. Given the price of basic designer glasses, Snap’s wearables are a steal.

All models in the line offer the ease of multiple export formats and cross-social platform compatibility. They’re water resistant, equipped with specs to shoot all-day HD in 30-second snippets, and you don’t even technically need your phone around — Spectacles come standard with internal memory that can hold 150 videos.

Check out Spectacles online and prepare to be hooked.