These Innovative Earbuds Provide Volume Control and Noise Filtering for You

And right now they're on sale for 30 percent off.

When it comes to enhancing the audio of your music library, there is a seemingly endless array of headphones and earbuds to choose from offering a wide variety of filters and volume controls. Wouldn’t it be nice if controlling the audio in the real world was that simple? Well, thanks to these innovative earbuds from Knops, it is.

Knops Original

Knops Original earbuds are the first ever hearing solution that enables you to control life’s volume and filter out different kinds of ambient noise you encounter on a daily basis. Whether you wear them at work, while traveling, at a concert, or in the club, Knops Original provides volume control and filtering for the real world. They also look beautiful, don’t require batteries or an app, and are a complete delight to wear. And best of all, right now they are on sale for 30-percent off the normal price.

Knops’ Original has four distinct modes providing the perfect audio environment for almost every situation. Users can easily switch between modes by twisting the ring on the side of the earbuds. It affords you the ability to instantly have a real life conversation without having to take them off.

For starters, adjust to step one, and you’ll experience unfiltered sound, just as you would without earbuds. Switching to mode two will reduce the volume and filter the noise of a vibrant city, while switching to step three will adjust the volume to a live music setting. Last but not least, step four will create a silent environment ideal for work.

The device’s state-of-the-art design makes Knops Original easy to wear for long periods of time. The earbuds are based on a classic round volume button attached to a gramophone cone. This links the volume and sound, providing users with an exceptional audio experience. Additionally, Knops are constructed using high-quality materials in combination with various colors and trims, making them an accessory that can adjust to your personal style.

Knops also uses no electronics, no apps, and no batteries. Instead, the earbuds are acoustically engineered. This means that sound travels through all four steps with minimal distortion, and the earbuds mimic the natural resonances of the human ear. As a result, you end up with crystal clear sounds that are vibrant and natural. So if you feel that what you hear is as important as how you hear it, Knops Originals will give you an enhanced real-world audio experience like no other.