The Best Leather Messenger Bag for Most People

It'll fit your laptop and much, much more.

Damn Daniel, nice briefcase.

A good messenger bag is surprisingly hard to find. Most designs have simply not evolved from a time when laptops were four times as thick, and their moving parts made them ten times as fragile.

Daniel’s makes beautiful, Brazilian leather messenger bags with everything you want and nothing you don’t. The Daniel’s bag basically folds flat when empty, has great hardware and a comfortable shoulder strap, and manages to offer a ton of external pockets while staying minimal in appearance.

The interior offers the requisite protected laptop compartment, plus nice touches like pen pockets, a key hook, and magnetic closures. Some will definitely lament the lack of an external water bottle/travel mug sleeve, but there’s plenty of room on the inside, and it would have changed the looks of the bag for the worse.

The Daniel’s bag can easily accommodate say, a laptop, Nintendo Switch, noise-canceling headphones, external battery pack, a book, and everything else you might need for a long flight, but works just as well in a pinch as a gym bag or weekender.

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