18 Products That Will Transform Your Smart Home

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Every time a new smart device comes out, there’s always that one guy—and let’s be real there’s a million of that one guy—that gets performatively pissed about how it’s a stupid invention and we wouldn’t need it if people just stopped being lazy. But more often than not, these seemingly “pointless” inventions make a world of difference for aging people, overworked parents and anyone with disability accomodation concerns.

So even if you aren’t someone who has had their whole world turned on its head by being able to get yourself a glass a water for the first time with voice command, you work hard enough every single day. It’s time to let your house work for you. If convenience isn’t available at home, where in the world will you ever find it?

Below you’ll find 18 smart home devices that will transform your home—and your life—without the cost of a major renovation.

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