This Is the Fastest Selling Light We've Ever Featured

And that is also by far the least interesting thing about it.

We sell a lot of lamps here at Inverse Loot. We sell a lot of everything, really, but as it turns out, people love lamps! That’s not really a surprise, but what is a surprise is our top-selling lamp, which is not just a lamp that literally hundreds of people have bought, but it’s also a levitating replica of the moon. That’s insane, and I love it.

The Levimoon

The LeviMoon is, quite simply, a ridiculous item, and I can’t stop thinking about it. What kind of beautiful maniac would own something like this? Or give it as a gift? Me, that’s who. It’s a 3D-printed replica of Earth’s moon, made desk-sized, and “marked with lifelike craters and shading — hovering just above a sleek walnut base.” You can make it spin fast or just hang in the air, unmoving.

That’s not all, though. This bad boy is also a lamp, offering both warm and cool lights, so you can mix up your room’s lighting situation depending on the mood you’re in.

You can get the LeviMoon on Huckberry right now, and what’s more, you can get it for $73 off right here.