Commit to Being Stress-Free in 2019 With This Ridiculously Cheap Bundle

It's going to be a rough year; pay what you want for some things to help that.

It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking being miserable is normal. I mean, just look at all this: [I gesture vaguely to a picture of the Earth] Why wouldn’t you be miserable? Sometimes if I’m not outrageously stressed I’m like “Why am I not outrageously stressed? Am I forgetting something I’m meant to be doing right now?” Maintaining a healthy work/life balance, focusing on yourself, or even just relaxing can feel like guilty pleasures. It’s time to change that.
  1. 10 Days To Better Sleep
  2. The 25 Best Hacks For Better Sleep
  3. Meditation For Beginners
  4. Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple
  5. Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety: Practicing A Simple Meditation
  6. Meditation: The Scientifically Proven Way To A Happier You
  7. 21 Days To Love Your Body: Meditations For A Healthy Weight
  8. Top Sleep Tips: Practical & Life-Changing Sleep Advice

That’s a grand total of $1,592, but all you need to do is beat the current price people are paying ($12.85) and you’ll get the entire thing. Don’t wait, take advantage of this deal now and become the zen badass you were born to be.

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