5 Smart Home Security Products Everyone Needs

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Even though the holidays are over, these high-tech security systems are worth getting for yourself and your loved ones. Firstly, you don’t need an excuse to give the gift of peace of mind. And secondly, home security has seriously stepped up its game over the last few years, so why not step up yours?

Between all of your precious possessions and the people you love, your home is probably the most worthwhile place to invest in—which is why our top five home security systems are going to run you a couple hundred dollars. They are all multi-piece systems that come with WiFi, motion and sound sensors, and video alerts that send surveillance footage to your smartphone. Some of the cameras come with extra features, while those on the less-expensive side come with fewer.

So enjoy perusing all of the hidden features on these tiny cameras and sleep easy knowing that your home is being watched (from multiple angles!) even when you’re not the one doing it. The future is now.

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