The Products Everyone Needs to Own in 2019

With the New Year coming, so are the new trends.

With the holidays coming to an end and the New Year quickly approaching, some trends will bubble to the surface, some old trends will fall to the wayside and some new trends will feel as if they totally came out of left field. Be the first in your social circle to anticipate what’s coming with these products that people are already going crazy over.

More importantly, not only are they on trend, but they are on sale. What’s better than being ahead of the curve and saving money off retail value in the process? I’ll wait for an answer. But I’m confident there are few shopping related highs as good as the sale rack.

On this list, you’ll find the coolest, most innovative and as mentioned, great deals on the things you want. The gift giving season might be at its close, but that just means the rest of the year is open for you to treat yourself.

Native AP Mercury Liteknit - Huckberry Exclusive

Why We Picked It: No one likes to have their feet weighed down by hefty footwear. Employing high technology stretch materials and all-new intertwined 3D elastic knit fibers, all with the ethical understanding of 100% PETA-certified vegan construction, you can get where you are going without stepping on anybody’s toes.

Price: Usually $90, now on sale for $44.98

Huckberry Pair of Moscow Mule Mugs - Set of 2

Why We Picked It: If 2019 shapes up to be a big year for your friend group in the same way it appears to be so for mine, chances are you’re going to have to buy a few housewarming and/or milestone gifts for your people. Being as trendy and forward as I am, I am opting for the Moscow Mule curated gift often this year. These are the perfect “little something” for whomever needs celebrating.

Price: Usually $45, now on sale for $32.98

Huckberry Candle Set - Set of 3

Why We Picked It: Complete with 3 scents that remind you of home—wherever that is—this candle scent is positively to die for. From Nordic A-Frame Cabin to Montauk Surf Shack and Backyard Treehouse, these don’t have to be memories you’ve made or places you’ve been to feel familiar.

Price: Usually $84, now on sale for $59.98

Material The Iconics - Exclusive

Why We Picked It: In every kitchen—broken in or not— a few essentials are absolutely necessary to make it functional. Finding the right kitchen tools can be exhaustive, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With this 10-piece stainless steel and walnut set, everything is in one place and never needs to be purchased again. So the investment is undoubtedly worth it.

Price: Usually $245, now on sale for $182.98

LeviMoon Levitating Moon Light

Why We Picked It: Light fixtures can make or break a room. With this levitating moon lamp, you get so much more than light in your room, you get an art and conversation piece. Sized to sit nicely on a desk or end table, this “moon” has lifeliked crafters and shading and hovers magically over its beautiful walnut base. Complete with two light settings,—warm and cool—dimmable brightness and wireless charging, if you don’t have this statement piece, you need it now.

Price: Usually $289, now on sale for $215.98

Glerups The Boot - Camp Sole

Why We Picked It: Everyone needs a shoe that they can just slip on and go without the worry of wet feet or being outed as a lazy dresser. The Boot is that. Made for easy walking around your camp ground pre-coffee and/or pre-sunrise, no one wants to fumble with laced boots when they don’t have to. This slip-on boot is enough to wick moisture from your feet while protecting them from outside dew whether you are trying to use the bathroom where bears can’t fnd you or just take a leisurely walk to the end of the driveway for mail.

Price: Usually $155, now on sale for $131.98

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Crew Neck Sweater

Why We Picked It: There’s a reason why girlfriends everywhere have been given the reputation for being sweater stealers. There is something unspeakably special about a lived in sweater—the smells, the coziness, the memories it holds. The 10-Year Crew is made to become just that and because they’re made to last you at least a decade, if anything happens to it Flint and Tinder will repair it at no charge.

Price: Usually $78, now on sale for $57.98

EcoQube Frame + Seed Packs

Why We Picked It: Everyone follows at least one self-proclaimed health food guru so chances are high that you have been tempted by decadent smoothie bowls and the draw of fresh sprouts on your window sill. Equipped with everything you need to get started—to turn over that new sprout in the New Year—the EcoQube is your foray into the health and wellness philosophy you will embody at every turn in 2019.

Price: Usually $79.99, now on sale for $66.99

Modd i360Move Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Why We Picked It: Some people just aren’t born with the desire to vacuum. Some of us enjoy it while others dread it. For the latter sect of people, robot vacuums have become godsends. You’ll usually be hard pressed to find a good one for less than a month’s salary, but this time you’re in luck. Anti-drop technology prevents it from falling down stairs and an easy-to-use remote control allows you to program, start, pause and schedule your vacuum to clean whenever it is most convenient for you.

Price: Usually $249.99, now on sale for $199.99

Sandman Clock

Why We Picked It: You can tell me until you’re blue in the face that alarm clocks are obsolete, but I’m going to come back every time asking for a solution to the bare nightstand problem. I have yet to find one. But the Sandman clock is much more than your run of the mill alarm clock, for anyone who only has one outlet in their bedroom but several devices to change, the Sandman clock has 4 available USB ports for easy and organized charging of your most important devices.

Price: Usually [$49], now on sale for $25.99

EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse

Why We Picked It: If you don’t have a green thumb, you’re not home enough or you know someone like this, this awesome desktop greenhouse is perfect for any plant and any space. Fully automated to self water and adjust its lights to best fit whatever plant(s) lives inside of it, this device is the future of houseplants.

Price: Usually $269, now on sale for $179.99

FireFlies True Wireless Earbuds

Why We Picked It: AirPods are cool and all, but it seems like they’re still trying to look like their wired cousins. With these truly wireless earbuds, you can have the freedom of going anywhere without feeling like you’re going to snag your wire on anything, you don’t have to worry about them every shorting thanks to Bluetooth technology and the added discretion of in-ear headphones allows you to fully exist your own, unbothered zone.

Price: Usually $79.99, now on sale for $54.99

Nix Mini Color Sensor

Why We Picked It: For any artist, it can be extremely frustrating to try to recreate something from your real life only to not be able to accurately match the values of the colors you see in real life. With the Nix Mini Color Sensor, you can pull the color from anything and pull it up digitally to recreate it, all conveniently in a pocket-sized device.

Price: Usually $99, now on sale $69

Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Why We Picked It: In a fast paced, technology driven world, all devices need to be charged and they need to be charged fast. With this Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, any device with Qi-technology is able to be charged lickety split.

Price: Usually $21.99, now on sale for $14.99

Damasukasu 3-Piece Handmade Japanese Chef Knife Set

Why We Picked It: These knives are known all over the world for being the chef’s knives to have. Crafted with the same methods as Samurai swords, these knives are sure to give you the perfect cut every time, seldom need to be sharpened and last you a lifetime.

Price: Usually $599.99, now on sale for $49.99

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