Relieve Stress and Anxiety With This Top-Rated Meditation App

So you can live a more peaceful, mindful life.

  • The Details:
  • A simple-yet-powerful app that will help you relieve stress and manage anxiety even when you’re on the go.
  • A streamlined interface that acts as a personal trainer and wellness counselor right on your phone.
  • You’ll be able to reach your goals and enhance focus with just 2-3 minute sessions.
  • Access to powerful resources such as blogs and videos that will keep you motivated.

Why You Want It: It’s been proven time and time again that relieving stress and eliminating anxiety are two of the most important things you can do when it comes to living a happy and productive life. Aware helps you do just that, through guided meditation sessions that will help you develop the skills you need in order to live a more peaceful, mindful life. It even offers daily reminders to ensure that you don’t fall behind.

The Deal: Usually priced at $74.99, you can land a lifetime subscription to this life-changing app for just $29—over 60% off—for a limited time.

Aware Mindfulness: Lifetime Subscription - $29