This Pocket-Sized Pipe Features Advanced Cooling for the Perfect Smoke

Finding an amazing pipe like this is no easy feat.

  • The Details:
  • Advanced cooling system that gives you the perfect smoke in any environment.
  • State-of-the-art 32cm maze pathway that aids filtration.
  • Compact size means that you can easily take this portable pipe with you on the go.
  • Anodized aluminum resists corrosion and water build-up.

Why You Want It: Finding the perfect pipe is no easy feat. The ones that seem to provide the best smoking experience are always either too large or too expensive (or both), and when you find one that’s small enough to fit in your pocket it almost always lacks the advanced filtration technology that makes smoking fun in the first place. This affordable pipe, on the other hand, is compact for easy travel and features advanced cooling and filtration systems that make for a much more enjoyable smoking experience across the board.

The Deal: Usually priced at $59.99, the Icky Stick Smooth Smoking Pipe is currently on sale for over 15% off MSRP at just $49.99.

Note: Customers must be 21+ to purchase. For tobacco use only.

Icky Stick Smooth Smoking Pipe - $49.99