Upgrade Your Living Room With These Amazing Holiday Deals

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The holidays may be a time for decking the halls, but who says they can’t also be a time to deck out the living room in new decor? Spruce up your space with some new furniture and accessories that speak more to your tastes than your desire to sit somewhere relatively comfy for a few hours every year when your family comes to town. You might even find yourself using the living room more if it feels inviting and warm, rather than cold and empty.

In the spirit of the holidays (and holiday sales!), we’ve rounded up 10 must-have living room items ranging from couches to lamps to little figurines that you put on a shelf in order to look more sophisticated. And the best part? Everything is on sale. Some items are just 15% off while others are close to 60% off, so they’re nothing to roll your eyes at! These deals are legit. Now go get the living room of your dreams.

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