Spend Christmas Reliving the '90s With 600 Classic Video Games

Hundreds of Nintendo titles pre-loaded, all for less than one Switch game.

Even now, retro games enthusiasts and regular games enthusiasts alike still consider the NES one of the best consoles of all time. Now you can not only get a video game console that evokes the classic look and feel of the iconic grey box, but you can play literally hundreds of games on it, too. If that weren’t enough, right now, it’s 85 percent off.

With two controllers so that anyone can play, and instant HDMI connectivity, this will be one of the easiest video game setups you’ve ever had to endure. These aren’t knockoff games, either, with the likes of Super Mario Bros., Galaga, Fifa, Donkey Kong, and Pac Man already loaded onto the console.

Normally $299.99, the Retro Gaming Console with 600+ Classic Games

is currently available on the Inverse Shop for just $44.99. For those keeping track, that’s cheaper than literally one game for the Nintendo Switch.

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