Check Out the Ultimate Shoe, Called Simply: The Shoe

The most comfortable slip-ons money can buy are out now.

I’ll be honest, I never fully considered an indoor shoe “necessary” for a long period of my life, mostly because I am a garbage person who is fine living in garbage, walking around my apartment barefoot, and letting the soles of my feet soak up whatever dirt and muck is strewn all over my hardwood floors, which I never clean. All this is to say, I should definitely have gotten a pair of indoor shoes before I did (Spring ‘17), and I should have gotten this pair.

Made by Glerups out of soft, 100 percent natural wool, The Shoe is not only a feat (hehe) of engineering but a damn comfy piece of clothing, perfect for yourself or to gift to someone you love. The felted wool uppers wick moisture for dry, comfortable feet, the rubber soles are easy to clean, and they slip on and off so easily you’ll barely even grumble at having to take the trash out ever again.

Sold by our good friends over at Huckberry, The Shoe is on sale right now for $20 off. You can also, if you like, step it up a notch, and go all-in on something they’re calling The Boot.