Watch Two Designers Reboot the Taco Take-Out Box for Moe's Southwest Grill

What would a portable, family-style, build-your-own taco bar look like? In this episode of The Next Great Package, two designers go head-to-head to reinvent the takeout meal experience for Mexican food and present it to Moe’s Southwest Grill. The challenge is judged on whether the taco ingredients can arrive to consumers at the right temperature in a portable, fun, and easy-to-access format.

This challenge inspires viewers to think about innovative form and function as they relate to food packaging. Each prototype is created exclusively with cardboard and paper-based materials, showcasing paper’s durability, moldability, and strength as a design and engineering medium.

Taking on the challenge are packaging designers Christina Ghiloni, a Senior Design Consultant at L’Oreal, and Marti Zabell, a product and packaging designer at Nickelodeon. The challenge is judged by Moe’s Executive Chef, Ciaran Duffy.

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