15 Amazon Items You Can Still Get for a Steal

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Flickr / TheeErin

Taking a trip to the local mall for a holiday gift, birthday present or everyday household item can be a major headache, especially in these time-crunched days. There is the bumper-to-bumper traffic consisting of impatient drivers, distracted parents and steadily under-the-limit motorists. Then there is the parking situation, which can make looking for a needle in a haystack more desirable. There are the rude shoppers whose idea of being polite is not bumping into you and nearly spilling the $7 Starbucks latte frappe-whatever all over the ground. Throw in a less-desirable price from the big box stores and shopping can be a hassle not worth your time, energy or money.

Thankfully, a few clicks over at Amazon can get you just about anything you need, including deals on some of the hottest items on the market. From cell phones to tablets, the hottest new films and TV to everyday appliances, the discounts are plentiful and the items endless.

Save the frustration of having a coughing kid in line behind you give you the flu for the next month because you wanted to pick up the latest Captain America flick. Instead, check out these 15 Amazon steals that will save you a world of frustration.

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