15 Items Everyone Wants This Christmas


If your family and friends haven’t yet evolved to the point of straight forward Christmas lists with ammendments detailing that surprises are still welcome, chances are you are probably stuck on what to gift your loved ones this holiday season. Take it from a seasoned, and self-proclaimed “good gift” shopper, the best place to start is with gift guides and best seller lists. That’s where I come in.

I’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best gift ideas available and I put them neatly in this list for easy browsing. On this list, you’ll find something perfect for the person who already has everything as well as the person who doesn’t treat themselves nearly enough. I’m certain I’ve found something for everyone.

So if you have waited until today to do your holiday shopping, you can rest assured that you may just be done by the end of day today.

Huckberry Camp Candle

Good Gift For: The Person With Constant Wanderlust, The Friend Who Is Always Breaking Their Mugs

Why We Picked It: Everyone loves candles but more than that, everyone loves a gift that is both immediate gratification and a slow burn. This one is a two-for-one gift of a mug and a candle.

Price: $32

Little Belgians Speculoos S'mores Kit

Good Gift For: Your Boss’s Kid That Has Been At Every Holiday Party Since You Started Working, The New Partner of Your Brother or Sister, Your Mailman

Why We Picked It: Artisan food gifts make great gifts because they show you care about the nourishment of your friends but they also show that you put in a little effort to get the “good kind” and not just whatever run of the mill thing you could have picked up while in line at the grocery store.

Price: $19.98

Uzumati Ceramics Bodie Mug

Good Gift For: The Ceramics Collector, The Person Who Curates Their Whole Life for Instagram, The Person Transplanted from the Southwest

Why We Picked It: Everyone needs a good mug at some point in their life, but more importantly, everyone needs a piece of functional art in their home. This raw stoneware mug comes directly to you from California with the assurance that each one is handmade and thrown with you in mind.

Price: $29

Rustico Write's Log Leather Refillable Notebook

Good Gift For: The Writer, The Traveller, The Sketcher and the Person Nostalgic for the Analog Past

Why We Picked It: There’s something really neat about having your notes all in one place even if they never amount to anything. I fantasize about leaving behind swaths of journals for future generations to read and admire. With this refillable notebook, whomever you gift it to could end up writing the next great American novel while perfumed with the delicate scent of well loved leather.

Price: $48

Tactica 17-in-1 Multi Tool

Good Gift For: The Minimalist Mr/s. Fix It, The New Homeowner Without Tools

Why We Picked It: With apartments and houses getting steadily smaller with our measely incomes getting smaller too, space is always an issue. Never have to worry about storing tools with this 17-in-1 multi tool that works as a box cutter, bottle opener, standard wrench, metric ruler, imperial ruler, hex sockets and screw driver.

Price: $39

Woolrich Footwear Camp Boot

Good Gift For: The Person Constantly Mentioning Their Cold Feet, The Person Without Slippers

Why We Picked It: This shoe meets slipper is designed to worn inside and outside. With its rubber soles and suede exterior, these slippers can be worn for a short walk without getting wet while still working as cozy couch shoes with their wool and faux-shearling lining. We love a comfy multi-tasker

Price: $48

EcoFlow River Rapid - Compact Portable Powerbank

Good Gift For: The Person Whose Phone Is Perpetually Dead Or Dying, The Person Who Has The Misfortune of Living In An Old House With Fickle Power Lines

Why We Picked It: The best gifts are gifts with purpose, thought and function. In this fast paced technological world, a charging device that doesn’t constantly need to be charged itself is a hot commodity.

*Price: Usually $50, now on sale for $39.95

Columbiaknit Marled Knitted Cap

Good Gift For: The City-Liver That Has To Walk Everywhere, The Outdoor Adventurer or the Casual Hat Wearer

Why We Picked It: A stylish and functional hat can be hard to come by and if you live anywhere it gets cold, it’s essential to keep your head warm. You do know that you lose 80% of your body heat through your head, don’t you? Give the gift of warmth this holiday season.

Price: $17

Herbivore Post Shave Elixir

Good Gift For: The Beard Haver or The Beard Shaver

Why We Picked It: Skincare isn’t just for women worried about getting ahead of age, it’s for anyone with skin. Give the gift of a spa-like pampering with this post-shave elixir with witch hazel and aloe vera, meant to calm skin and scented delicately with cedar and bergamot.

Price: $22

Los Poblanos Beard Oil

Good Gift For: Anyone Who Shaves, But Especially Those That Shave Their Face

Why We Picked It: Yes, this is marketed as a beard oil, but for anyone who has ever shaved, you know that pesky bumps are a recurring and unsightly problem. Say no more while smelling of lavender, sage, vetiver, juniper and cedar with this amazing multi-use oil. And it’ll look good on any shelf.

Price: $30

Julia Szendrei Desert Rose Earrings

Good Gift For: The Style Maven, The Person Who Wears All Black, The Person Who Always Compliments Your Jewelry

Why We Picked It: Simple earrings with a lot of style are among the most elegant accessories a person could ever wear. Moreover, opening a jewelry box is absolutely always a joy.

Price: $58

Soko Infinity Cuff

Good Gift For: The Person With Timeless Style, The Understated Fashionista

Why We Picked It: A cuff bracelet is among one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry, it’s basically foolproof. Everyone likes to open jewelry boxes and with a gift like this, the thought will be remembered every time your gift recipient reaches for their new favorite bracelet.

Price: $78

Lunya Washable Silk Set

Good Gift For: The One Who Works Too Hard Just To Come Home To Sleep, The Comfy Home Body, The Friend Who Still Doesn’t Own Proper Pajamas

Why We Picked It: Popularized by Kim Kardashian and her husband’s Yeezy brand, a monochromatic set has never been more in style. Adding that this is a silk set, your loved one will never be comfier.

Price: $178

Uzumati Ceramics Alpine Winds Planter

Good Gift For: The Dedicated Plant Mom or Dad

Why We Picked It: Nothing pulls a room together quite like a beautiful plant in a great pot. Nothing makes a plant look its best quite like something handmade and raw.

Price: $50

Bloomscape Norfolk Pine

Good Gift For: The Person Who Loves Christmas Trees So Much They Wish They Could Have On All Year Round

Why We Picked It: Great for small spaces and plant lovers of all kinds, the Norfolk Pine is a beloved and much sought after tree in the botanical community. This one comes already planted and promised to be healthy upon delivery.

Price: $195