Super Luxe 6-Piece Towel Set Is Over 60 Percent Off

It's far more soft, absorbent, and durable than the average.

  • The Details:
  • Set includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, & 2 washcloths
  • Luxurious 2-ply construction ensures above-average softness.
  • Made from highly absorbent 100% heavyweight 650GSM combed zero-twist cotton.
  • High-grade cotton loops—extremely durable and fast drying.

Why You Want It: When it comes to bath towels, most of us get used to what happens to be there. But if you venture out on the market to see how much better other products can be, you’ll likely be very surprised. This 6-Piece Towel Set from Bibb is far more soft, absorbent, and durable than the average, and right now it’s on serious discount. So if you’re looking to try out a new drying experience, take a look.

The Deal: The base Inverse Shop discount gets you 60 percent off the $99.99 MSRP at $39.99—but enter the seasonal code MERRY15 for an extra 15 percent off, and your out the door price comes to only $34.

6-Piece Bibb Home Cotton Towel Set - $39.99