This Week in Podcasts: Drake, 'Wet Hot American Summer,' 'Welcome Back Kotter'

This week the Inverse staff is listening to chatter about 'Wet Hot American Summer,' 'Welcome Back Cotter,' and Drake.

Astrid Stawiaz, Getty Images

‘This Week in Podcasts’ is our weekly podcast round-up of internet radio listened to and loved by the Inverse staff.

My Bullseye boosterism knows no shame, so I want to up this week’s David Wain and Michael Showalter interview. The guys behind Wet Hot American Summer are smart as hell (semiotics anyone?), and it’s interesting to hear about how their work is derived from a genuine, authentic inner weirdness. They don’t try to make quirk, they’re just weird dudes. And weird dudes are the best dudes. - Andrew Burmon

Mystery ShowEpisode Link

Welcome Back Kotter feels like it’s due for some sort of reawakening in our culture, and Mystery Show may just be leading the charge with its latest, sixth episode. Here, fearless hostess Starlee Kine tries to help her friend, Jonathan, unpack an enigmatic jacket-knotting, Kotter scene taking place on a lunchbox at the Smithsonian. That’s right. Up your nose with a rubber hose! - Colin St. John

The New York Times Popcast is always a deece sesh, but lately they’ve been mixing up the line-ups some. Here, fucking Miss Info and Toronto native Rawiya Kameir talk about this year’s OVO Fest. This much scrutinized event is basically this generation’s iteration of “the LCD Soundsystem final show” in terms of how the half-baked fiction pitches of the next 10 years might be shaped, so it’s a joy to listen to this jumpoff. - Corban Goble

Risk! 635: Family Planning - Episode Link

Listening to a Risk! podcast is the emotional equivalent of picking up your girlfriend’s cat: It can be fun and warm and happy, but there’s always a chance it will sprout claws and swipe for the jugular. In the May episode “Family Planning,” writer Toni Nagy recounts being sent to a bizarre summer camp in Transylvania, comedian Daniel Sloss shares a sad but touching story about the death of his sister, and comedian Dave Ross reflects on why his parents won’t go to his comedy shows. More fuzzy than fury, Risk! keeps its talons in check — this time around. - Ben Guarino