18 Holiday Gifts That Will Transform the Way You Cook

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Unsplash / Max Delsid

If you haven’t purchased any of your Christmas gifts yet, you might want to hurry up because the holidays will be here before you know it. Not sure where to start? It’s likely there’s someone on your list that either already loves to cook, is looking to learn, or simply wants to speed up the process. With this in mind, we pulled together a bunch of products that will make time spent in the kitchen much more enjoyable. (And for those that’ve already purchased your gifts, you might as well take advantage of all deals currently going on and treat yourself!)

From a smartphone-operated Sous Vide that will keep you from overcooking your meat or fish and an affordable set of matching utensils to an organizational racked filled with organic spices and a clip-on gadget that’ll make straining easier than it has ever been before, take a look at 18 items that will instantly transform the way you cook.

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