There's Now a Planner Designed to Transform Your Life and Career

You've never seen organization like this before. 

Gone are the days when a planner was just a 12-month calendar with boxes to fill in and a few extra spaces for notes. Now they come complete with things like stickers, markers and every colorful outer design you could image. And then there’s the EVO Flow System Planner, a notebook that doesn’t even compare with other options on the market.

For starters, the EVO is available in four different varieties based upon your Brain Type. To find out which you should purchase, you fill out a quiz about your thought process and preferred working environment.

Each of these planners are broken down into three sections: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. The Daily pages are customized dependent on the results of the quiz for maximum productivity, organization and creativity.

EVO Flow System™ Planner

Project EVO

As for how the notebook actually works, it’s meant to be used twice a day, once in the morning to plan for the day and once at the end of the day to reflect on what you’ve ended up accomplishing. But unlike other boring, just-calendar-planners, the EVO asks you to answer specific prompts like what you are grateful for, priorities for the day, and, when reflecting, your biggest takeaway.

Like mentioned above, there are also weekly pages. You can organize longer-term goals, your favorite moments from the past seven days and things you’d want to improve in the upcoming week. Monthly pages are your more traditional planner-like calendars, with additional room for overall goals and bigger projects.

But that’s not all this notebook can do. EVO has its very own app you use to scan information you’ve written down. This way you can track productivity trends and recognize where you should be dedicating more time.

Still not convinced you need something like this in your life? What if we told you it was currently on sale for 20 percent off at the Inverse Shop? The beautifully-crafted notebook will set you back just $39.99. With all of the features the EVO Flow System has to offer, this is a bargain.