15 CBD Products That Are Worth Every Cent

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Anyone knows me—and this includes the disdain of my mother—associates me with weed. And while I do love my leafy greens, much of the reason I love pot as much as I do is because it keeps me functioning at my best self despite two decades of chronic pain and illness. Without the vape pen I keep on my nightstand, I wouldn’t be able to move my hands well enough to type this sentence right now. Without that same vape pen, I might find myself bent over the toilet pain-vomiting instead of leisurely drinking my daily iced vanilla latte in a coffee shop right now.

So when I heard of Eaze Wellness, the fully legal marijuana delivery service, my ears perked up. The legality rests in the exclusivity of its CBD offerings, meaning none of these products contain THC, meaning none of these products will get you high. What these products will do though is relieve your aches and pains, stabilize your mood, allow your senior dog some additional comfort, help you sleep better and even enhance your sexual experiences.

And most importantly, since this is your first time using Eaze Wellness, you’ll save $20 off your order. But whether this is your first time or your hundredth time experiencing CBD, you’ll be sure to find something revolutionary for yourself. All orders ship nationwide within 4-6 days.

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