These Are the Coats That Will Update Your Look This Winter

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Winter isn’t coming; it’s here. And that means freezing cold temperatures and layers upon layers of ugly outerwear. But who says all outerwear has to be gray, black, or some ambiguous shade of unattractive? Not us. This year, we’re stepping out in coats that don’t make us feel like the Michelin man but keep us warm and toasty.

These twelve coats range from lightweight rain slicker to full-length, heavyweight down parka. Some are for men, some for women, all are for people who want to keep out the cold while still looking stylish. We’ve got you covered, no matter the weather or where you’re going—we get that not everyone wants to wear a puffer jacket out to a nice dinner nor wear a leather jacket out in the snow. With these coats, you’ll be appropriately dressed for both the occasion and the season. Oh, and they’re all under $300, so they won’t break the bank. Buy a few, eh?

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